Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Yesterday we went to the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. I did not know this place existed but it was a really neat place. The kids learned all about Southern California native animals and plants. This was a field trip with CHEP for grades K-1. The boys had lots of friends show up, actually it was a very boy heavy field trip.

They got to hold snakes! Adam held the snake, Kevin held the snake's tail.

We learned about wells.

We were able to pet a tortoise and learn all about him. He was 75 years old!

We learned about mugwort which is a natural remedy for poison oak. We learned great things about poison oak like, "leaves of 3, let it be" and "if the leaves are shiny, hide your hiney" and also "if it's hairy it's a berry" (if it has 3 leaves) very informative, especially since I knew very little about the plant.

Our tour guide was amazing. He knew so much about everything. The kids were even interested in what he was saying.

This is a super cute picture of little guy building a fort today with our food storage. I just had to add it for fun.

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