Friday, August 23, 2013

Week One Done

We made it through the first week! It wasn't easy but we got through. We had to make a few adjustments and a couple of purchases.
We got this preschool book at Costco for Little Guy so he can have a book like the big boys! He even gets tabs like the big boys!

We also made an amazon purchase of this play yard which we have made into a gate! It is on the patio so when I lock everyone downstairs with us they have a little more room to roam!

This allows the Little Guys to have more room to relocate all the shoes from the shoe rack to the front patio!

Here you can see some of the artwork that #3 has done for us with chalk!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Year two Begins

So here we are again at another start of another year. I now have one running around getting into EVERYTHING (16months), one starting preschool, one in First Grade, and one in Second Grade! It is going to be a crazy year. We have #2 in football and #1 starts basketball in a couple of weeks. I am excited for the new school year but also know it will be harder than last year. This is mainly due to the 16 month old. He was asleep A LOT more last year than he will be this year and he is not really into self entertaining in a safe and desirable way. That being said I am courageous and I will find a way to do it with just as much fun, finesse, and patience as I did last year... I will have one less kiddo twice a week in the morning (at preschool) which will be super fun for him and a good break for everyone else. We reinstituted the behavior caterpillar but with a few changes to acknowledge our Media Ticket policy. You can read about that here. I will be doing some serious alphabet and numbers to 20 work with #3 when he is home with us for school. He is interested so I say, why not, plus he needs entertained apparently as well so I don't have two mischievous little beings running around. I have to admit, like last year, I am both excited and scared about the upcoming year. I do hope that my skill at the preparation part can help me through all the other parts! I am much better at life in general when I am prepared, I am just one of those people. So the lesson plans have begun. The projects for the Little Guys have been printed/made/colored/ and even some lamination has taken place. So hopefully we (the little guys and I) have fun, too, while the big boys are having fun learning all they need to know to get to the next level!

 How we started our first day!!

A little late night preparation for one of the Little Guys!

Lesson Plans done for 2 weeks.  I do my lesson plans every two weeks, by that point we are either behind or ahead of where I thought we should be when I did the lesson plans originally.   This gives me a chance every two weeks to straighten the plan up again!

Here they are the men of the hour!  They are pretty excited about starting a new year!

and....Here are the Little Guys these pics were also taken today so now you know what I am up against, right?  They are a bundle of crazy fun!!