Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sick Day

Last week we had our first sick day. Although we had fantastic lesson plans planned out and fun games to play for math learning, we woke up with a couple boys with fevers. I had discussed with my Hubby how we would address sick days since normally (last year, when Kevin went to school) we would keep him home and have a movie/relax day. Since we are always home it is easy to say, "well just do this, or that, then we will watch a movie" we decided we would treat it as we did through preschool and kindergarten and call it a sick day. In other words work on recovering fast by resting those little bodies, which is super hard for a bunch of boys. I brought out some activities to help move the hours along without anyone having to exert too much energy and certainly no more throwing up, yuck!

We did a little painting with both paint brushes and sponges

Then we brought out the play dough, I admit we did a little number fun, but there is nothing wrong with playdough with a purpose!

The boys were very proud of their numbers!

Then we rounded out our sick days with some rock band on the Wii!

There you have it! We can have sick days even while homeschooling!

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