Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friendly Letters

The boys LOVE writing letters to their friends. They write one just about every month to a friend or cousin. But when the subject came up in Language Arts I took the chance to show the "correct" way to write a letter and teach some of the terminology associated with letter writing. Their letters turned out so cute. (They always do)

In other news we have been getting serious about figuring out word problems and I recently made these posters in hopes that we can start to make sense of all those words associated with math on those dreaded word problems!

Discovery Science Center

"Homeschool Days"

This month we participated in the DSC Homeschool days program. It was a lot of fun. The boys participated in two of the 4 classes. They had fun in the first class learning about insects but in particular bees. They learned about the parts of a bee and how to pull out a stinger properly. Each class also has a craft that they do while there. The other class was about gasses, liquids and solids. They were able to learn about these and see some of them in action. They used balloons to talk about gasses and then went on to talk about the other two. These classes were a lot of fun for the boys. They take place before the museum opens at 9-10 am and are not open to parents (you have to leave). I liked this last aspect as it gave me a chance to take my little guys out for morning smoothies which they loved.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Working Vacation (Sort Of)

The last few weeks have been crazy!!! A good kind of crazy but crazy! We have been on two vacations in two weeks.

So while there has been a little of this.

There has been mostly a lot of this, which is why we love homeschooling....

Checking out the local wild life.

Chilling in the Lazy River on a super hot day in Indio!

Surfing Doheny without the crowds!

This week we are getting back into the groove of a schedule and although vacations are fun, I think everyone is also glad to be home again doing our normal stuff!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hot Days in The Summer

So we "thought" it would be fun to do school at the park, but we picked the wrong day. It was so stinking hot but we got the work done and the boys pretended to play at the playground although really it was just too hot.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Food: Family Traditions

German ShooFly Cake! We decided to try one of our traditional family foods after doing a unit in Social Studies about how food can be a family tradition. I pulled out my cook book that has lots of our family's old recipes in it and we picked one! The boys had a blast measuring and mixing all the ingredients and even more fun eating their creation. I thought a Molasses cake was pretty daring but they ended up loving it!

We shared the rest with all of our teachers because we didn't need all that extra around here!