Tuesday, October 29, 2013

K-1 Park Day

One of the classes we attend at CHEP is Park Days.  Pretty much they do their school work at the park with their friends and then there is a physical activity they do as well.  They did a chalk obstacle course after they finished their work at this one. 
Adam really likes these because he gets to hang with his buddies.  It was especially nice this time because Kevin went to Carl's Jr. with his 2nd grade buddy, Victor and his Mom,  and they had their Social Studies lesson together there.  So they had fun and Adam had fun.  Also I got some time with Owen alone at the park which we never get. Isaac was at preschool right next door to the park so it was a pretty nice set up "that day". 

Preschool Field Trip

Isaac's First Field Trip
So Isaac could not wait for his field trip and it finally happened!  It happened on Oct 3rd (my birthday)  So I packed up everyone and some lunches and we headed out for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch but this time we went with Isaac's Preschool class.

We got to ride the train and a hayride pulled by a tractor!

We got to see some old friends, The Stewarts, Ella is in Isaac's class which is super fun!

 We are going to have to watch out for these cute faces in a few years...YIKES!

 Tell Isaac to smile and I get the face above...but I got a good one here below.

 Me and my favorite time consumers...
below:  Isaac and few of his buddies!

 Ha, that's funny!

Owen really thought he was going to be able to pick it up!

Our first pony ride in the family and it caused quite a stir.  Kevin wanted to ride but was too tall and that was pretty devastating.  So we ended up compromising he got his face painted instead.

We always have fun every fall at the pumpkin patch.  It was fun to have a day for Isaac and he had so much fun seeing all his friends outside of class.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 I recently let the kids loose on some fruit.  The studied the outside and the inside.  This lesson really had to do with seeds and how they are found in fruit.  They were especially excited about strawberries that had seeds on the outside.  After doing the project and recording their findings they of course devoured the fruit!

They both have such great faces in this picture below, I had to add it!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back to Business

So I have been feeling like the schedule is winning over my sanity lately. I believe this has to do with CHEP classes being a little different because they split the art class and the boys are now in separate classes. Also they are split in other classes that last year they had been combined in. I like them attending the classes but like I said, the schedule is a little crazy right now. Also last year I didn't have an 18 month old and I didn't have any boys in sports during school. So yeah it's a little crazier this year. Oh yeah and number three goes to preschool and that is part if the schedule too. So although it is fun busy for the most part I feel VERY busy! I feel that Kevin has picked up his learning pace and is learning all these new things at an exponential rate, which is awesome to see. Adam is finding his groove and really getting better and better in the reading category. Both boys are really "enjoying" reading which is the whole goal as far as I am concerned. So that is the update around here!

Adam finishing his chapter before he hits the hoops!

Kevin LOVES cursive!! Seriously he would write all day if he could do it in cursive!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun in the end

Today I "thought" I would do something a little different and fun. Alas my number 1 decided to have a melt down of frustration. (this is pretty typical) He is not very patient and if he doesn't understand something instantaneously he tends to throw a fit. Today was one of those moments. So we started this project at about 9 a.m. But had to break at 9:05 for a meltdown. So we went back to it again around noon and the boys both had a good time. Number 1 remembered what abc order meant and was able to complete the task. Somedays are just like that! The rest if the day went really well even though it was super busy with a class at CHEP and scouts for Kevin. Tomorrow we have a field trip with little man's preschool so we will break from school and do that and a Halloween craft I put together today.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The New Posters

I just got these Literature Genre Posters up today and they are super cute!

We are also starting a unit on ASL which I am excited for. I think the boys will like it too!