Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy Monday on Tuesday

So today was everything but the perfect day! But I used our behavior caterpillar and everything turned out ok. They even made there way back to green after traveling to yellow for a little while. We finally got a calendar set up for calendar time but it is still a work in progress!

No one was sleeping during school today so things moved pretty slow. Kevin did parts of his reading sections to his brothers.

Adam made very complicated patterns, he is like that you know!!

And Isaac entertained himself with his old favorite pastime lining up cars :) Owen was tired but not asleep so he got held and or read to in order to keep the crying at bay until I had a quiet moment to put him to sleep! School ran over into nap time and really that is ok because that was 2 less kiddos in the school room!! Everyone was still happy and Kevin has made it to chapter 3 of his chapter book he got from the library!!!

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