Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turn in Day!!

Today was the 1 month mark for school!!! Yay only 8 more to go! I say that like we are not having a blast. Truly there is nothing more fun than the lazy days of summer, except maybe the crazy days of Christmas!! Now that I am done with that tangent, let's get to business. Today we turned in our work to our teacher. I had the meeting with our teacher while the boys went to their computer lab. Isaac colored in the office and Owen entertained himself on a blanket on the floor with his tag blankie. The boys are awesome! They are doing an amazing job in their school work and our teacher was delighted with our first months work. Of course, I was worried I was doing something wrong because really this has been too much fun. So for now, I am still in homeschooling bliss. This also may be due in part to the 2 year old settling into the routine. He has been an angel during "school time" all week. He has been doing puzzles and art projects to entertain himself and when the boys read books or stories he listens in.

Little guy doing a masterpiece! He is still in talk like a pirate mode from yesterday.

Adam doing some math masterpieces.

Addition made fun for Kevin!

What a typical Morning looks like at our house. The baby is sleeping, of course.

The Big News Of The Week!!

Kevin finished his first chapter book! 9 chapters and 56 pages! Way to go Kev!

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