Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back In The Groove

I feel like we have finally fully recovered from the Holidays and my injury on the school front. We have caught our stride, we are rolling with the flow...I could keep going, but I won't! I have been keeping up with lesson plans and I am looking forward to finishing strong.

Kevin hates worksheets...but needs some practice. I have been racking my brain (and the internet) to come up with ideas to help him have fun practicing his math without worksheets. I found a cool thing on TPT. You solve the problems then scan the QR code to see if you got the correct answer. I am hoping this makes it a little more fun.

I have been picking out problems for him to do on the white board.

Lastly, I went through some apps for the iPad to find some cool math stuff. I found one called splash math (2nd grade). It has every 2nd grade math standard in it and both boys had fun playing it today.

I found (for free) a template to make word searches. Today I had Adam make Kevin one out of Kevin's spelling words and Kevin made Adam one out of Adam's spelling words. They had fun making them and then doing them!

Of course, we are still having lots of Olympic fun! My favorite Journal entry this week...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Olympic Fever!

We are getting Olympic Fever around here. I went to TPT and found some super cute posters and worksheets. I bought two sets which gave me tons of ideas to play with and cost me $6. It also came with medal tallying sheets and ideas for your own Olympic Games at home. I have more journaling prompts than I know what to do with and the boys are getting super excited. This week we are focusing on where the Olympics are being held...lots of geography! Did I mention I LOVE the Olympics!

The Winter Olympics begin this Thursday. Opening Ceremonies are this Friday beginning at 7:30 p.m. They will be showing the games on NBC during the weekdays during the day between 3-5 p.m. Now you know what we will be doing at that time of day!