Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Adam made it through Kindergarten. He did with flying colors and no one thought he wouldn't. Okay I think Kindergarten graduation is cute and adorable but some people might make it a little more than that and I think that is funny. Adam's biggest accomplishment was that he memorized 3 poems for the ceremony and did an awesome job reciting them. He was so cute. He got to tell what he wanted to do when he grows up...
"I want to be a construction worker
Making buildings tall
Someday I may even
Build a great big mall!"
That is one of his little poems he recited all by himself with a microphone! I got to use the mic too in order to read this letter. Sorry for any misspellings this was just for my eyes then I thought I would add it in for the memories.

Adam worked hard on his "All About Me Poster"

Here is a cute pic of Adam and Cheri one of the awesome teachers at CHEP!

Here he is getting his certificate of graduation!

We were so excited that Mima came with us to see Adam on his big day. Sadly I didn't get a pic of Adam and Mima. I really should be better at this stuff. The ceremony was really cute and Adam was very excited and felt very special.

Congrats to our little man!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calling it a year!

So we're are done!! Yes we still have Adam's kindergarten graduation ceremony (pics to come) and we have some super fun field trips with CHEP planned, but we are done. We had our final turn in and finished all of our books!

Pic of Kevin when he finished his math book!
In celebration of our last day of school we converted the school room into a movie theater!

The boys got together with their friends the Zapata Boys!

We cleaned up the room it had gotten a little crazy there at the end!

Anyway we will be enjoying our summer for the next couple months. I'll post for our field trips and the graduation. But other than that we will be on break from the school blog as well as school! See you over at the LOW down . I'll be posting our summer adventures there...we have a road trip, beach camping, Palm Springs and tons of little day trips planned. we will be plenty busy enjoying our summer time!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Well we are still going but have started our last week today! Yay! Last week we did an experiment on changing gases to liquids!

The cold air mixes with warm and makes water on the outside of the glass! Woohoo!

On another note we did school like this last week!

Yay for having school in our fort!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Here comes the end

I have had so much fun this year with my boys. I'm not going to lie, there were hard days and some hard weeks...there might have even been a hard month in there but over all our first year of homeschooling has been such a success. I feel like I have learned so much and my boys have really benefitted from being able to go at their own pace. My big guy (first) has really excelled at reading and writing. He loves writing stories and is reading at 4-5 grade level. Number 2 (kindergarten) has truly excelled at Math. He loves it! My two oldest boys are opposites in many ways and of course this holds true in school. The program we chose this year was amazing. (CHEP) I loved the opportunities the boys had to go to the art, Spanish, and grade level classes. They enjoyed meeting new friends and we had some great field trip opportunities! My little man (3 years) started some tot school activities this year and has loved the games and activities that I have done for him. He is so excited to start preschool next year. He will be going to the local tiny tots program through the city. It will be wonderful for him to have some time for himself away from his big brothers (and baby brother). It will, of course, also be wonderful for the mama!

Back to the current year. Number 2 is working on making sure he solidly understands all the basic concepts he has come across in the Kindergarten and First grade curriculums that he has been working in.

We have been checking up on counting by twos or skip counting and our 10s in association with place values.

Big guy has been mastering money and double digit adding and subtracting!
Science is like fun time for everyone. We have been learning about liquids solids and gasses. We have done some experiments concerning solids changing to liquids, but our favorite experiment was turning a liquid to a solid...freezer bag ice cream was a huge hit!

And.....Little guy has been working on letter recognition!

He is so proud of his matches!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have 4 boys and I don't know why but boys LOVE volcanoes. So it goes without saying that when I asked what they wanted to learn about Volcanoes was on that list! As always we started our study of the volcano at the library. My boys LOVE books I particularly love this do I! I read to them and they read to me.

We watched some National Geographic documentaries on Volcanoes they love these films. Then the best part of all we made our own volcanoes! We lost some play dough in this activity but I figured it was worth it! (I didn't have enough flour to make a homemade batch that day)

Kevin insisted a scientist should be on the Volcano even though he knew it would end badly from one of the films we watched. Hhhmmmm....boys......

Then we added the Vinegar!!!!

Just as we had predicted none of the scientists on the top survived.

I love this job!

Heat=Energy and Shadows

So we have been learning about heat and energy and how the sun heats the Earth, air and water! And also how the sun and objects create shadows.

We did an all day experiment to see what the sun heated the fastest, the empty jar won :). We checked the temperatures every two hours.

And we made shadow portraits! The boys loved this activity. Kevin and Adam did the drawing and then they all colored their own to their likeness!