Monday, November 25, 2013

Day To Day

School has been going on around here...we had some friends over for the day this week. But the boys had fun doing school with their friends.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Riley's Farm Field Trip!

The boys had so much fun going out to this farm.  We had read Little House On the Prairie in preparation for this field trip.  We learned about Pioneers and wagon trains.  We also got to help make apple cider and do a tin craft while we were there.  We rode in a horse drawn hay ride and learned about the surrounding mountains and about apples.

 We spent the day with our good friends the Wallace's.  We ended our adventure with caramel apples that were so super yummy!!

The Aquarium Field Trip

We learned about habitats this time.  The boys were excited to get called on to help put stuff up on the wall.
Owen decided to just lay on the floor for a while...

 there were some cool things to touch in the tank...

 Owen wanted in on the action!!

 we got to see the scuba diver and he talked to the kiddos, they thought that was awesome!
 we got to hang out with Kevin's friend Scotty...
 These are my favorite animal at the aquarium...the leafy sea dragons!!
The Aquarium is always fun for the boys!! I am glad we got to hang out with some friends while we were there :)