Sunday, April 28, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

So our days have been full lately with end of school stuff and beginning of summer stuff! I, as usual, cannot wait for summer and not because I am tired of school but simply because I love summer stuff! Things like going to the beach, swimming at the pool, visiting friends, camping and every other fun thing we can dream up to do in the summer heat! But we are trying to stay focused and finish our first year of homeschooling strong!

Little man loves play dough so we have been using the letter mats and playing with our beloved play dough!

My big guy would much rather do math on the floor than at the desk!!

I numbered pieces of paper from 1-20 and then put addition and subtraction problems on the Popsicle sticks and he then put them under the correct number. It was easy to see how many different ways he could make one number by seeing the Popsicle sticks piled up under each number.

Adam working on finding the missing number!

We love our pirate math centers that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. The boys just love using them it is so fun!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


March was full of Dinosaurs! We, of course, went to the library and picked up some Dino-books.

CHEP provided this awesome packet of things to do! We watched a lot of documentaries on Dinosaurs...since this is what they normally pick to watch off Netflix there was really no difference in that for this month except now Mom wanted to know what they learned from the "movie".

And we went to the Jurupa Cultural Center . The boys had a blast looking at all the dinosaur models there. But mostly they learned about rocks and minerals. Kevin was really interested in them. They had a blast digging through the rock garden finding rocks, quartz, sulfur, fools gold, and we found a shark tooth...

Adam took most of the pictures. It is fun to see a field trip through his eyes!

This Dinosaur is much more scary from Adam's point of view than it was from mine.

Awe so cute!

Digging in the rocks! What boy wouldn't love this?

Everyone got to bring home 12 rocks and/or minerals...

We planned on attending The Natural History Museum. But we decided we are going to wait until a free day when we are free!
Yay for Dinosaurs!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Space The Final Frontier

Well last month we did a whole month of planets. The boys loved it. We decorated the school room.

We found lots of books about planets and things in space at the library.

We made our own planet books too!

And we watched space school episodes on youtube about each planet and did journal entries about our favorite things we learned about each one. Finally we went to the Griffith Park Observatory and watched a movie in the planetarium and played with all of the exhibits. The boys had so much fun exploring space!

We had plans to go see the Space Shuttle Endeavor but our month was a little like this...

So we didn't make it to as many things as we had hoped. Here is to much healthier months ahead!