Monday, September 17, 2012


Last week we went to Lake Tahoe. We drove up, which is an exciting 8 hour drive mostly through the Mojave Desert!

We took advantage of this time to learn a lot about deserts and why they are what they are. There was also lots of volacano talk since there were large areas of volcanic rocks! The boys were so excited to be going on vacation and still doing school. We took our math and language arts with us. Science and social studies we learned as we hiked, went to museums, and talked about our surroundings. So here is how it went. We did our "book work" in the mornings early. The boys are up with the sun! Then we did whatever activity we had planned for the day. Then we did daily journal entries about our favorite memory of the day!

Ssshhhh here is a picture of Isaac telling us to hush and Kevin cupping his ears...we were listening for animals!

The Way It Was Museum in Virgina City, NV went perfectly with our social studies unit about Now and Then...

We hiked down to Vikingsholm castle at emerald Bay. It was a 2 mile hike the boys all did it but there was a little complaining from our Big Boy, go figure.
We took the Castle tour and learned lots of fun stuff about the castle but everyone's favorite thing was how many dragons were in it!!

Then in the evenings before bed we read books from Adam's curriculum and everyone joined in the fun, even Grandpa.

Yes it is true, we love Roadschooling even more than homeschooling. It is too bad the hubby has to work sometimes.

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