Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Adam made it through Kindergarten. He did with flying colors and no one thought he wouldn't. Okay I think Kindergarten graduation is cute and adorable but some people might make it a little more than that and I think that is funny. Adam's biggest accomplishment was that he memorized 3 poems for the ceremony and did an awesome job reciting them. He was so cute. He got to tell what he wanted to do when he grows up...
"I want to be a construction worker
Making buildings tall
Someday I may even
Build a great big mall!"
That is one of his little poems he recited all by himself with a microphone! I got to use the mic too in order to read this letter. Sorry for any misspellings this was just for my eyes then I thought I would add it in for the memories.

Adam worked hard on his "All About Me Poster"

Here is a cute pic of Adam and Cheri one of the awesome teachers at CHEP!

Here he is getting his certificate of graduation!

We were so excited that Mima came with us to see Adam on his big day. Sadly I didn't get a pic of Adam and Mima. I really should be better at this stuff. The ceremony was really cute and Adam was very excited and felt very special.

Congrats to our little man!

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