Monday, July 22, 2013

San Diego Zoo

We had the opportunity to go to the big zoo! Only problem was Bryan could not get off work. So we improvised and brought Uncle Chris! The boys had a blast with their uncle and he was a life saver since I couldn't do it alone. This was a CHEP field trip and the big boys got to go on a guided tour of the park but the little guys couldn't go. Chris took Kevin and Adam and I took the little guys. Most of these pics are from Chris.

Climbing the gorillas!

This monkey was irritating the tar out of the hippo!

The boys got up close and personal with a giraffe.

Owen took a nap!

Then Isaac took a nap while Uncle Chris took the big boys on the skyfari! It is like a horizontal Ferris wheel that crosses the entire zoo. I am glad I didn't have to do it, it seemed terrifying to me.

It was a fun day but I stand by my original idea, it is not a place for strollers. I nearly died pushing the stroller up and down the hills there.

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