Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have 4 boys and I don't know why but boys LOVE volcanoes. So it goes without saying that when I asked what they wanted to learn about Volcanoes was on that list! As always we started our study of the volcano at the library. My boys LOVE books I particularly love this do I! I read to them and they read to me.

We watched some National Geographic documentaries on Volcanoes they love these films. Then the best part of all we made our own volcanoes! We lost some play dough in this activity but I figured it was worth it! (I didn't have enough flour to make a homemade batch that day)

Kevin insisted a scientist should be on the Volcano even though he knew it would end badly from one of the films we watched. Hhhmmmm....boys......

Then we added the Vinegar!!!!

Just as we had predicted none of the scientists on the top survived.

I love this job!

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