Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calling it a year!

So we're are done!! Yes we still have Adam's kindergarten graduation ceremony (pics to come) and we have some super fun field trips with CHEP planned, but we are done. We had our final turn in and finished all of our books!

Pic of Kevin when he finished his math book!
In celebration of our last day of school we converted the school room into a movie theater!

The boys got together with their friends the Zapata Boys!

We cleaned up the room it had gotten a little crazy there at the end!

Anyway we will be enjoying our summer for the next couple months. I'll post for our field trips and the graduation. But other than that we will be on break from the school blog as well as school! See you over at the LOW down . I'll be posting our summer adventures there...we have a road trip, beach camping, Palm Springs and tons of little day trips planned. we will be plenty busy enjoying our summer time!

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