Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day!

We definitely had first day jitters, by we I mean me, of course.  We had a blast though and aside from Isaac wanting all of everyone's attention all  morning it was super fun and enjoyable.  I stuck to my lesson plan, except I realized I had not given time for going over classroom rules and rewards and disciplines.  So we added that in after "recess".  Recess was playing upstairs since they thought it was too hot outside today!  

We began our morning with taking some super cute pics!!

 Then we went to work!  I went over the first math lesson for both of them and then gave them their projects and proceeded to feed Owen and put him down for his morning nap.

We added in the making the rules part of our day.  I had the boys tell me our rules and what should be rewards and disciplines and we thought up a way to keep track daily.  Of course it will require some creativity on my part for making a behavior chart that includes a tree and a catapillar with colors.  This chart is based on the one Kevin had in Kindergarten, he really liked it and I say, "why reinvent the wheel?"

Adam matching lowercase with capital letters

Kevin coming up with 10 "a" words
These were language arts games we played after we did our lesson.  The boys loved them both!!

I claim Success for the First Day of School at Home!! Now if anyone has ideas on how to better entertain a 2 and a half year old I am all ears!!


  1. My favorite rule is "no crazy," lol. That could apply to almost anyone at any time!

  2. I've homeschooled two of mine at different times and I love it. I sort of wish they'd ask me to do it again..

  3. Yay!!! So glad it's going well!! I highly recommend "Tot Trays" for the wee one. Here's a couple of links with great ideas for toddlers: and