Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Entertaining the two year old!

As you might imagine homeschooling with a two year old in the house is kind of challenging!! Thanks to some awesome advise from another homeschooling mom, Kim, I have found a few activities that have helped tame little guys crazy, at least for a few minutes at a time.  Also I found this cool blog that had tons of ideas for his age.

So here is little guy transferring rice.  He loved this one!

Here he is separating straws by color into colored cups, which I was shocked at how well he did this until he got bored about 3 minutes in, but he can sort colors pretty well.

Who doesn't love stickers, especially if they are all super hero stickers?

 His activities made it possible for the other guys to get some fun learning in too.  Here is Adam matching dots to numbers.

Kevin made his own bar graph!  He then informed me he was "The Graph Master" yup, I can't make this stuff up!!

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  1. I admire what you are doing so much! Look at how happy your kids are!!