Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Science Project!

Pearson's Language Arts Curriculum Unit One is based on a story about a cat running away and then coming back!! (This curriculum is crazy...but we are picking and choosing and having fun with it)
Today we learned about Diagrams!!  (Ignore that terrible cat drawing, that was a kiddo request)

 Then we set out to learn more about plants!! Our first unit in Science is plants and we have tons of time to do this chapter so we get to do lots of experiments!!  Today we took apart a plant so that we could see all of its parts!  We discussed how each part of the plant is responsible for helping it grow...yay for roots, stems, leaves, and flowers...

Plant food was very interesting.

 Then we planted them in our pot of death...I only say that because I have killed everything I have planted in that thing.  You never know maybe my luck with change!

Then we wrote down our findings in our journals, or drew pictures of our findings

 A little 4 year old humor for you!

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