Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Tot Schooling is saving my sanity

Homeschooling a kindergartener is fun!  They are excited about learning and have enough patience to sit for at least a little while.  They don't play in the litter box or the toilet or paint the kitchen floor with tooth paste/lotion/soap/sharpies, but 2/3 year olds DO! I found out very early (my first week of homeschooling 3 years ago) that the hardest part of home schooling might be the toddler!  Over the years I have accumulated lots of games, hand eye coordination, concentration, or just time consuming activities for toddlers to do while I discuss the difference between communative and distributive properties to the older boys.  Tot school (Google that) has endless possibilities and it is a great way to keep those busy little hands and minds going without destroying my house!  I found that the more planning I put into the toddler curriculum/play the more I can actually concentrate on teaching the other kiddos.  I am so grateful for websites like and confessions of a homeschooler and countless other bloggers/teachers that have endless ideas that are fun and creative.  I find Pinterest and Teachers pay teachers are both great places to start when looking for fun ideas! 


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