Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We took a year off, but here is the Review

I know sometimes things get crazy and this year was one of those years, so yes, we took a year off blogging so that we could focus on other things but as this school year is winding down we are back.  There will be lots of school changes around here and it is still all up in the air, but I'm excited for them!  Here is a little bit of what we have been up to this year.

We will start with the most recent and work out way back...
Isaac and his bots
Owen and Isaac blowing Pom pond into the square
Camping!  So much to learn while camping! 
Knotts Berry Farm...taking a break...

Just funny and true
Knotts Berry Farm Field trip, who knew there was so much to learn at Knotts.
Hiking in Laguna Beach!
Reports on Harry Potter at CHEP! 

"Macbeth, the musical comedy". Adam was king Duncan and Kevin was McDuff...

Watching a bridge be made at the Port of Los Angeles (architect:  Bryan Low 
Vacationing In Lake Tahoe! 

Native American Field trip...this was cool...included archery and ax throwing...
Discovery Science Center...fossilized poop! 
He devours Books
More of the Native American Field Trip...

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