Friday, May 23, 2014


So we made it!  One more year of crazy fun learning down the hatchet.  This was such a rewarding year for me.  I cannot begin to explain how much I saw Kevin and Adam grow this year.

Kevin started piano last fall and has excelled like crazy and in doing so, I think his math was affected for the WAY better.  Last year was tough with math and Kevin and so followed the first half of this year.  The second half, though, something clicked.  Everything he saw he understood.  He caught on quickly and did not miss a beat.  Finally he began reading...I mean really reading.  like reading a 200 page book every day and half.  I wish I loved my local librarian at our branch because we have been there a lot.  I can keep up with his appetite for books.  I love it!  He will read anything ( that I will let him read)  He has really just taken off.  He also started a blog in order to log the books he has read and what he thinks about them or anything.  It is called Books First, Elementary Reviews

Adam was always good at understanding math concepts and this year was no different.  He worked his way through first grade and began second grade math this year.  He is great at concepts and seeing the big picture.  He too is reading very well.  Adam played flag football this year and absolutely had a blast.  He won an award for being the guy on the team that could make something out of nothing in every play.  (Most Crafty)  He was the quarterback this year and a flag pulling machine.

I am excited for excited for summer.  I do love the play that happens at summer time.  I am so grateful for this, another year to home school my boys and give them the absolute best start I can give them.

Plans for this summer:  Trip to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City
                                   Harry Potter, Musical Theater Camp
                                   Beach Days
                                   Tons of Swimming
                                   Camping with old friends
                                   Magic Mountain!

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