Sunday, November 4, 2012

To The Zoo

Our boys love the zoo. Last Friday we decided on an all day zoo trip. Usually I do a couple hours since we have a membership. But since we have gone so little this year, I decided to make it a day! I wanted to make sure that we brought our science units into our trip and it was fun to see all the animal vocabulary the boys knew. They were able to look at animals and tell me what they used their claws for, why they had big or little eyes and of course what kind of foods they ate! It was fun for everyone including myself.

We did the petting zoo which we rarely do, but since it was an all day adventure we had time for everything!

We pet a Python, had lunch at a park ( we brought subway) and ate snacks!

We rested!

We got to see the new exhibit which was so cool. The boys, of course, thought this was the best part of the day!

Friday field trip days are always lots of fun!

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