Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aquarium Of The Pacific

Last week we had a field trip with CHEP to the Aquarium. It was such fun and the boys had a blast. They love seeing all the strange fish and sea creatures.

We started with a class in which they learned what things to check for to see if it is a fish. These included a backbone, gills, scales, and fins. The teacher was from the aquarium and was great with the kiddos!

They got their own private viewing and touching of a shark and lots of other invertebrates like sea snails, anemones and such!

Then we went to the ray and shark tank and pet some sharks and rays!

The boys thought it was hilarious trying to sound like whales. They could listen to whale sounds then record themselves mimicking the sounds and listen back. This took a lot of time to pull them away from.

Afterwards we met up with Dad for lunch since he works about 5 minutes from the aquarium. We had a picnic then set out to get a view of The Queen Mary.

And the Lion's Lighthouse!

They ran up and down this hill about 5 times and then started crawling.

And on the way home all 4 boys fell asleep!

Yup it was that good of a day!

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