Monday, September 12, 2016

Working with long and short vowels

This month we are focusing on long and short vowel reading.  Isaac is not a confident reader.  I am working hard to make him more confident so we are learning some fun rhymes and doing some games to hopefully make some of these phonics rules a little less scary for him. I went on Teacher's Pay teachers and found a great little unit on "when two vowels go walking...." And we will work our way through That and then do some bossy "e" work.  Also we have been working on categorizing words into short or long vowels. I am hoping that making these things that he thinks are hard a lot easier for him, he will start to enjoy reading more. 
I am using these two resources the latter is by Emily's elementary resources.  The posters I found at the dollar tree! 

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  1. Even I would have fun practicing my pronunciation skills having such great and colourful worksheets. Isaac is happy to have such a talented teacher to help him with practicing his vowels. I am sure that soon enough he will show great results. It’s good to see that the school doesn’t fail to fulfill every student’s needs and the principle of individual learning is preserved and used to a great cause. I hope that someday the motivation that this boy got in his primary school will lead him to his own research online and search for essay writing service to help with his further studies.