Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun School In October

This month has been a whole lot of fun! I have gotten to use lots of my fun resources that I have collected.  Some from and some from   

We went to a couple of classes at the OC Zoo and got to get up close and personal with with some fun animals like beavers, tarantulas, and snakes!  Also we did a ton of crafts while we were there :) 

We also got to meet up with some friends and go to the pumpkin patch! 

We did some patterns!!
We had some classes at CHEP which were really fun! 

We hung out a little at Knotts Berry Farm! 

We did some gardening at Goal's academy and ran into a big brother!! 

We worked hard on matching up our upper and lower case letters!! 

We had a field trip the the Aquarium which was super fun!  And got to meet some new friends and spend the day with them. 
We also a had a field trip to Legoland we took the big boys with us and then ended the day at a Ducks Game! 

And have been doing some Halloween and fall fun activities too!  
This week is going to be fun too!  We have lots of fun school stuff planned and one of my favorite field trips to Riley's Farms is this week too! I am loving hanging out with these two cuties!  They are learning so much and bonding with each other as well which I love to see! 


  1. The best thing about all of these pictures is the happiness that is radiating from these amazing faces.

    1. Thanks! Kathy. I do feel like we have a great balance right now. Everyone does seem happy in their environments :)

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