Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teaching With An Injury

Getting back into school has been tough for several reasons! First it's hard to stop having so much Christmas time fun and get back to work. Second, Dad took two weeks off more or less and hung out with us! And it's tough for everyone when daddy goes back to work and lastly this happened!

I of course did this playing around with the boys' Christmas present, a Ripstik. so we have had to move school upstairs, and try not to let the boys take advantage of the fact that I can't catch them. I have not been able to drive or really walk without crutches until today! Yay! Today is my first day all on my own. I am so grateful to my mom and friends that have even made life possible this last week and allowed the hubby to actually go to work. School looks like this...this week.

I found this super cute mini penguin unit on TPT

Both boys have been having fun comparing 6 different types of penguins.

School is at the kitchen table instead of the school room.

Books are in a bin instead of the file drawers

The baby is watching videos of babies laughing while big brothers need my help.

And thank goodness I got rid of that big cast like splint and now I just have a brace.

So Here is to the New Year!! May it get better and better!!!

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