Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun in the end

Today I "thought" I would do something a little different and fun. Alas my number 1 decided to have a melt down of frustration. (this is pretty typical) He is not very patient and if he doesn't understand something instantaneously he tends to throw a fit. Today was one of those moments. So we started this project at about 9 a.m. But had to break at 9:05 for a meltdown. So we went back to it again around noon and the boys both had a good time. Number 1 remembered what abc order meant and was able to complete the task. Somedays are just like that! The rest if the day went really well even though it was super busy with a class at CHEP and scouts for Kevin. Tomorrow we have a field trip with little man's preschool so we will break from school and do that and a Halloween craft I put together today.

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