Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back to Business

So I have been feeling like the schedule is winning over my sanity lately. I believe this has to do with CHEP classes being a little different because they split the art class and the boys are now in separate classes. Also they are split in other classes that last year they had been combined in. I like them attending the classes but like I said, the schedule is a little crazy right now. Also last year I didn't have an 18 month old and I didn't have any boys in sports during school. So yeah it's a little crazier this year. Oh yeah and number three goes to preschool and that is part if the schedule too. So although it is fun busy for the most part I feel VERY busy! I feel that Kevin has picked up his learning pace and is learning all these new things at an exponential rate, which is awesome to see. Adam is finding his groove and really getting better and better in the reading category. Both boys are really "enjoying" reading which is the whole goal as far as I am concerned. So that is the update around here!

Adam finishing his chapter before he hits the hoops!

Kevin LOVES cursive!! Seriously he would write all day if he could do it in cursive!

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