Monday, November 14, 2016

a little of this and that

 This last week has been very eventful!  The country elected a new president and although I didn't vote for him nor did I vote for the democratic candidate (I went third party this time) I am appalled at the behavior of some of those on the losing side.  It is sad but that being said, here at our little homeschool things are ticking along and everyone is happy to be so.  Owen cracked me up with his plan for the presidency! "Cleaning his room????" The boys were excited to get a giant box in the mail even though it just had diapers and toilet paper in it and Isaac continues to grow exponentially in his reading and writing skills! 

We had Parent teacher conferences this week for the two big boys and their teachers literally hushed over them.  They are such good and extremely bright boys. We have big news that I will announce soon...(hint: it's NOT a baby) but in the meantime we are enjoying are little "crazy" routine as it is about to get a little bit crazier :) 


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  1. Moms are the people who are trying to make the world better, they have started with the teaching, I must confess it wasn’t a bad decision. Our country is going through some great changes these days. It’s great that here we can discuss the events and help each other. The kids must be building a fort from these boxes, glad to see they are having fun. I’m glad that your boys are succeeding in developing their writing skills. In the meantime, they can always choose to write essays online and continue having fun.