Monday, March 4, 2013

Tot School

Little man needs more than hand/eye coordination and fine motor skill games now so we have started introducing letters. Pretty much one every two weeks. When he gets bored with his other games we bring out his own notebook of "school" stuff! In his notebook are items like these.

He loved glueing those alligators on the A so much it wasn't funny luckily this site I found has this activity for every letter, YAY! We also play with our letters, as in drive our cars on them.

And if all else fails I pull that handy dandy table out of the bathroom, top it with some oil cloth and have him poke straws into the imprint of a letter!

Can you tell which letter he is working on? He is loving his new activities and feels like quite a big boy! We also added this to our wall just for Little Man!

It is below the white board just at his height. He is having lots of fun and his big brothers are super excited for him every time he gets to do his school work. Isn't it strange what kids get excited for, never what I expect but always awesome!

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