Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year of Fun!

Well it's a new year with new field trips! We got a membership to the Discovery Science Museum and a new amazing telescope for Christmas this year. These items have me excited with all the things we can do to make learning exciting! We are definitely going to have to make a trip to the Griffith Park Observatory and lots of trips to the 'Cube'. Our first planned trip for the new year, though, is to the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach. This is a Chep Field Trip. This means it is guided and I love those because the kiddos love listening to someone other than me sometimes. Also they give us awesome packets of materials to do units in conjunction with the field trip. Check out all of this fun information.

So you may have figured out we are talking about Habitats this month. This is where I say, I love YouTube! We have been learning about all the animals that live in specific habitats. On YouTube you can then see each animal in its habitat moving around. We have yet to come across one with out a video and this includes chuckwallas and peccaries.
Also we have been doing a new thing with Adam of plotting stories. I read him a story and he retells it from memory with pictures. He loves this activity which I thought he would find tedious but once again a child's need for knowledge has amazed me.
Here is some of his recent work.

Kevin has been working on spelling! He loves writing words on the board so that is the most fun way for him to memorize spelling words.

I love this job!

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