Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pirate Math

Okay so I will start by saying, I love Teachers Pay Teachers. It is a website that allows teachers to sell their ideas and cute centers and all that kind of stuff online. These people are amazing! I have purchased a couple things but there are also a lot of free stuff on the site . I printed out, cut out and laminated a couple things for the boys that would help with some hard concepts like find the missing number for Kevin and adding past 10 for Adam. The boys had so much fun that they did Math twice as long as their patience usually allows.

Pirates help Kevin as he fills the treasure chest with parts of the whole to find the missing numbers in both addition and subtraction problems. Particularly funny, Kevin spoke like a pirate through this entire activity!

Doubles! We are working on memorizing our doubles addition facts to 10.

Adding to make 10 plus some.

Here Adam is making words with the sunflower letters! He was told to make 10 words and write them down.

We are having fun finding exciting ways to learn!

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  1. Such great ideas! I love that Kevin was talking like a pirate too :)